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Ever Wonder How Sea Salt Is Made? See How Salt Is Traditionally Harvested From The Sea

This is how it’s done at one of the Canary Islands’s last operating salt flats. Located on the island of Lanzarote, Salinas de Janubio was constructed in 1895 to produce salt for consumption and to meet demands of the region’s once robust fishing industry, which utilized the high quality, natural salts for fish preservation.

image/text credit: National Geographic 

Today, artisanal salt production on the Canary Islands is in decline, but workers at Janubio continue to use traditional methods to extract salt from the sea, and hope to maintain the salt flats for future generations.

image/text credit: National Geographic 

The sea water is trapped between stone and mud which forms a labyrinth where the sun evaporates off the liquid, leaving behind the salt.


This produces incredible colour effects from yellow to blue, passing through hues of pink.The small, sparkly crystals are collected by hand and formed into small pyramids, which are dried by the air.

In the Jardín de la Sal, a themed restaurant, you can learn about the production process and purchase high-quality products such as the Flor de Sal, or Salt Flower, the purest form of salt.