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Eximus 1 – The World’s Most Energy Efficient Vehicle


Swedish Students build the World’s most Energy efficient Vehicle. Ever.Engineering Students from the University of Dalarna in Sweden have yet again shattered the world record for the most energy efficient vehicle as part of the Delsbo Electric competition.

source/image(PrtSc): Delsbo Electric 

Eximus II is the evolved version of last year’s world record holder for the most energy-efficient rail bound vehicle. It is also the world’s most energy efficient vehicle for people transport – all categories.

The Delsbo Electric competition takes place in Delsbo, a village at the center of Sweden and it’s open to students from around the world. On the 27:th of May 2017, students from Dalarna University finished the 3,36-km race-track using only 0,73 Wh per person/km.


That is the equivalent of using less than one-fifth of a teaspoon of gasoline for transporting one person ten kilometers. As a comparison, an average commuter train uses 77 times more energy to transport a person the same distance. Eximus II runs on four 12-volt batteries, is made of aluminum and 3D-printed plastics. It weighs around 117 kg (257 lbs) and it is equipped with a 250W engine.

VIADelsbo Electric - Battery Powered Rail Vehicle Challenge
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