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Exodus Capax Luxury Collapsible Travel Trailer


Explore the Exodus Capax, the premier luxury travel trailer for adventurers. With a garageable design, full access while collapsed, dual-access amenities, and advanced solar power, the Capax redefines comfort and functionality. Discover smart controls, panoramic windows, and 17 storage compartments, perfect for any journey.

source.image: Exodus Rigs

Featuring hard-sided walls that provide superior insulation, reduce the energy needed for heating / cooling, and superior protection from inclement weather, noise, as well as wildlife. Inside, there’s a kitchenette sporting a stove / sink combo and double drawer refrigerator, along with a toilet, as well as a sleeping area. It stands 6-feet-tall when folded down thus fitting through typical 7-8 feet garage doors, unlike many hard-walled trailers that must be stored outside, and compared to a GMC Hummer EV, the camper appears to be gargantuan next to the SUV.

Switching from storage to camping mode is simple with an electrically actuated lift system controlled via a smartphone app and touchscreen, eliminating the need for manual setup. The Capax also squeezes a bathroom with a large shower floor, offers ample legroom for the toilet, and features a standing room in front of the sink.


The Capax features two kitchens: It has almost become a trend in RVs to include dual kitchens, so this doesn’t come as a surprise. The outdoor kitchen includes a triple-burner stove, sink, and extendable worktop, while the indoor kitchen has a dual-burner gas stove/sink combo, microwave, and fridge. The supply and spice cabinets can be accessed from both inside and outside, with a drop-down hatch serving as extra workspace.