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Experimental Personal Private Jet For A Fraction Of The Cost


A personal private jet that can seat up to 6 people and cruise 400 mph at 41,000 feet. Currently an experimental, but Stratos is setting up for certification within the next decade.

source/image(PrtSc): MojoGrip

Stratos jet is the newest line of private personal light jets. They’ve been making noise for quite some time now and 2 years ago the company took a big step forward by bringing in a real world model of their single engine, single pilot jet.

Since revealing the model jet, Stratos has been on a mission to get their aircraft certified, hence the 716x model. Some major improvements have been made to this new ready to build model private jet. The 716X compared to the 714 is 40% longer but also 400 lbs lighter in weight.


This is evident when you see the plane in person. You step into that cabin and you’ll see just the amount of extra leg room there is. Being an experimental aircraft, Stratos 716x jet can only be built through a build assist program. And your standard avionics is the Garmin G3X touch.The cost?- $2.3 million for the kit.- $200k for the build assist.Engine – Pratt & Whitney Canada JT15D-5.//MojoGrip