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Experimental Star Wars Speeder Bike


I built a Star Wars Speeder Bike with omni-directional wheels powered by electric jet engines. I also have a plan for another version of the Star Wars Speeder Bike. Last time, I took the guts from a hoverboard and used them to make a balancing bike.

source.image: James Bruton

Each original hoverboard wheel is mounted on the bike and drives the bike wheels with a drive belt. The omni-wheel bike made out of hoverboard parts intended to be a sideways mover 90 degrees relative to the rider.

The balancing act is done by the hoverboard’s sensors, but the problem lies in the sideways movement at such a large scale.The new handlebars can rotate, but also tilt left and right.


Each of those movement axes rotates potentiometers monitored by an Arduino Uno R3. This makes the resulting velocity the same as it would have been when the hoverboard wheels were touching the ground. So now the balancing electronics still work as designed since the output velocity of the vehicle is the same.