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Fab Fours Legend Is The Most Intense Custom Jeep You’ve Ever Seen!


This Outrageous Jeep Mod apparently caused an uproar at SEMA 2014, not surprising as it is a bit of a monster.I mean that in a nice positive way as it gets lots of attention wherever it goes and it is after all designed primarily to be a show truck.

image/text credit: Jay Leno’s Garage

Watching the road run it travels along quite nice on the road, same on a steep off road track but need to remember it was built for show, not for go.

image/text credit: Jay Leno’s Garage

When you first look at the car, the sheer size of the wheels and tires are what your eye will be attracted to.These are red, 24-inch, American Force Wheels Thor faceplate rims shod with 50-inch Alliance off-road tractor tires./dupontregistry


To make room for tires that are taller than most cars, Fab Fours installed Dynatrac Pro-Rock 80 axles and bespoke steel fender flares that they designed and crafted. /dupontregistry

Matching the color of the massive wheels are the red-tinted windows that look like they came from a futuristic spaceship. To contrast against the red is the brushed titanium finish wrap on the body’s exterior.Sure, this Jeep will not be for everyone, but there is one universal truth to it: Different

VIAJay Leno's Garage
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