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Family Transformed An RV Into A Spacious Home On Wheels


Join Ty and Gwyn for a tour of their beloved rig and a glimpse into their life on wheels. This adventurous family has transformed their space into a cozy and functional home, perfect for their nomadic lifestyle. Step into the Rams’ kitchen, ingeniously designed to cater to a family of five. With smart solutions like a pop-up leaf for extra counter space and tall ceilings offering ample cabinet storage, the kitchen mirrors their previous stationary home while embracing the unique demands of mobile living.

source.image: Tiny Home Tours

Despite having an RV fridge, the Rams have managed to create a culinary haven that works seamlessly for their needs, complete with a versatile pantry wall for baking adventures and innovative cooking solutions like an air fryer oven combo. Discover how the Rams transitioned from a travel trailer to their current 2012 Jayco Eagle SuperLite fifth wheel. This move provided them not only with more storage space but also opportunities to customize their home to suit their family’s evolving needs.

With a budget-conscious approach, they’ve managed to renovate and update the space, making it truly their own. Explore the private areas of the rig, including the thoughtfully designed bedroom in the slide-out section, providing much-needed floor space. Storage solutions cleverly utilize every inch of the room, ensuring that each family member has their dedicated space. The in-built laundry chute is a clever addition, simplifying the family’s laundry routine.


The pass-through bathroom strikes a balance between functionality and space efficiency. The Rams retained the original sink but added touches like a porcelain toilet and a corner shower that’s more spacious than their previous setup. The separation of the toilet and the shower area enhances the usability of this compact space. The living space, nestled within a slide-out, combines dining and relaxation in one open area. The desk from Target doubles as a dining table and a workspace for homeschooling the kids, while the Ikea couch provides ample seating (and potential sleeping space!). The family also enjoys entertainment from a handy TV and a projector for movie nights.