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Family’s $15k House On Wheels Living Debt Free in a Bus Home


Welcome to the Geasey family’s bus home tour! This unique living space has been customized to maximize kitchen size over other areas, reflecting the family’s priority for a spacious cooking environment. The Geaseys, a family of four, embraced a minimalistic lifestyle, downsizing drastically to focus on experiences over possessions, encapsulating their philosophy: “Smaller the house, bigger the world.”

source.image: Tiny Home Tours

Inside their 1996 Bluebird bus, they’ve ingeniously utilized every inch of space. The kitchen, or the heart of their home, features a stove sourced from a wrecked RV and countertops salvaged from a dumpster, all treated with a Japanese wood preservation technique called Shou Sugi Ban to ensure durability and moisture resistance. The space includes a unique fold-up counter that serves multiple purposes, from dining to arts and crafts, enhancing the bus’s functionality.

Storage solutions are creatively addressed throughout the bus. The Geaseys installed cabinets and lazy susans to make the most of the available space, alongside a nearly full-size refrigerator essential for their long wilderness trips. Living areas double as sleeping spaces, with custom-built furniture that transforms into beds, ensuring the bus remains comfortable and versatile.


The family’s journey in the bus has been largely smooth, with the vehicle’s Cummins engine providing reliability. Financially, the transformation into a mobile home was achieved economically, with the total cost rounding up to approximately $15,000, keeping the family debt-free. Educational and recreational needs are also met creatively in the bus. A designated area for the children includes a growth chart and storage for toys and books, making it a functional space for learning and play. The master bedroom is thoughtfully designed with skylights for natural light and stargazing, enhancing the intimate connection with nature that mobile living affords…/Tiny Home Tours