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Family’s DIY Beautiful Bus Conversion Tiny Home


Johnathan Tycholis and Taryn Tycholis built this stunning DIY school bus conversion to live a life of freedom on the road. This bus conversion features multiple clever designs and appliance options that make this bus truly unique.

source.image: Tiny Home Tours

Their living room features a convertible table that offers a multitude of options for family life. The ability to store the table away within the benches is an ingenious design! The benches themselves offer plenty of storage for toys, homeschooling materials, and a foldable piano as well as other essentials for life on the road as a family.

I really enjoyed learning about their pellet stove and their vintage stove. I personally have a vintage stove in my school bus conversion that I found on Facebook Marketplace as well. If you are considering a build, be sure to keep an eye out for great deals, just like they did!


Their bathroom design is unique in the way that they seperated their shower from their toilet. While living tiny as a family, this allows both sections of the bathroom to be used at any time. Also, in a small space, it allows you to have plenty of space while not being restricted to utilizing a wet bath. The Tycholis’s utilized bunk beds for their children with a dedicated play area. For their bedroom, the rear of the bus provides ample room while allowing the busses rear door to open for added ambiance.