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Family’s Of 5 Renovated 1999 Winnebago RV


This vibrant 1999 Winnebago was renovated by Sandi & Jimmy, who have been living on the road with their three children for over seven years.

source/image(PrtSc): Tiny Home Tours

This one-of-a-kind build features a massive kitchen, dedicated dining area, large family room, & a full sized bathroom. In addition to all the functional features, their home is filled to the brim with personal touches that make their house, feel like a home.

Sandi & Jimmy decided to pack up their family & move into their RV to reconnect with each other while experiencing all that life has to offer.


Even though they were unsure if they would like living on the road, they decided that taking the risk & “Try N’ Something New” would be worth it either way. Now here they are, seven years later, still going strong & documenting their incredible life on YouTube, Instagram, & TikTok. To keep up with this epic family, follow along on their social medias./Tiny Home Tours