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Family’s Self Built Raised Roof School Bus Tiny Home


Join the Gossett family on an exclusive tour of their rolling haven – a meticulously converted bus that perfectly encapsulates their adventurous spirit and love for tiny living! The journey begins in the heart of their home: the kitchen. This culinary nook is a marvel of space optimization, boasting extensive storage that comfortably accommodates everything from an ice maker to fragile glassware.

source.image: Tiny Home Tours

Key features like the real penny tile backsplash, white epoxy-coated butcher block counters, and a generously sized sink underscore the family’s commitment to practicality and style in tight quarters. Transitioning to the living area, the family enjoys the comfort and versatility of a 5.5-foot couch, which cleverly conceals ample storage beneath. After replacing their fireplace with an efficient diesel heater, the Gossetts ensure their home remains cozy and warm, regardless of their geographical whereabouts.

Hidden within the cozy confines are a fully-equipped office and an entertainment system, blending work and relaxation seamlessly. Prioritizing their children’s needs and comfort, the Gossip kids’ bedroom is a thoughtfully designed sanctuary. Equipped with twin bunks, plenty of storage, and whimsical portholes, it’s a space that encourages creativity and rest. A built-in vacuum system cleverly utilizes the available space, making cleanliness a convenient task.


The compact bathroom is ingeniously designed to offer full functionality. It features a tiled shower, a composting toilet, and a small sink, effectively meeting the family’s daily needs while conserving space. In their bedroom, the Gossetts balance their desire for comfort with practical necessities, opting for a queen bed to accommodate a much-needed washer and dryer. This area, controlled for temperature with a mini-split system, ensures comfortable nights regardless of the season.