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Family’s Spacious Tiny Home on Wheels


Meet Chris and Amanda: The dynamic duo behind Type 1 Detour, living full-time in their luxurious RV. They navigate the complexities of life on the road with two Type 1 diabetics in the family, finding innovative ways to manage health, storage, and living space. Inside the RV – The Heart of the Home: Step into their expansive kitchen, the central hub of their RV. Featuring a large island, this kitchen is perfect for family cooking with a three-burner stove, a multifunctional microwave/convection oven, and an air fryer.

source.image: Tiny Home Tours

Discover the story behind each piece of their kitchen, from the salvaged stove to the dumpster-found countertops treated with shou sugi ban for durability and style. Essential Appliances and Storage Solutions: Chris and Amanda highlight the importance of their massive residential fridge, crucial for storing insulin and other medications. The kitchen boasts abundant storage, making it ideal for bulk buying and extended travel.

Living Area and Educational Setup: Transition into the cozy living area equipped with an electric fireplace and space for home-schooling. Their older daughter participates in cyber school, allowing for flexibility in their nomadic lifestyle. Smart Space Utilization: Learn about the clever modifications in the dining area, including a custom floating table and modern, lightweight chairs. Chris and Amanda replaced the original bulky furniture with more practical and aesthetically pleasing options.


Personal Touches and Practical Additions: From the hand-picked curtains that brighten the space to the innovative use of wheel wells for shoe storage, every corner of the RV reflects careful planning and personal taste. Navigating Healthcare on the Road: The couple discusses the initial fears of managing diabetes while traveling and how they’ve adapted to secure medications and supplies wherever they go. They emphasize the importance of knowing local healthcare resources and keeping emergency information accessible.