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Fantastic RC Mig-29’s Formation Pair/Duo With OVT Vector Thrust


Now you can fly the Mig-29 OVT and pull amazing aerobatic manoeuvers that even the full size pilots cannot perform. Record your flight and then play it back while flying your own jet again to see if you can keep tight formation with your first flight!

source/image(PrtSc): Essential RC

Filmed action from the Aerofly RC 8 flight simulator.The realism of the flight model is amazing as is the graphics. Hours of entertainment for the novice and expert RC pilot.

The models are renowned for their realism and their high level of details.World’s first Ready To Fly jet capable of deactivating- activating the vector system by just flicking the vector switch on the transmitter. These added thrust-vectoring jets allow for an astounding number of possibilities for maneuvering and air-to-air combat.


This feature is perfect for both beginners and advanced pilots. Our new range of super jets Mig-29 is the best 360 degree full axis vector thrust VT jet in the market! It features a new dimension in RC jet flying!With the newest 360 vector thrust technology, pilots are able to perform almost any maneuver in the air!!

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