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Fast Rubik’s Cube Working Principle 3d Animation


A Speed Cube is a special kind of Rubik’s Cube that is meant to be solved quickly. Thanks to Speed Cube Shop for sponsoring the video!Speedcubing is the name given to solving twisty puzzles as quickly as possible.

source: Edison Ooi .image: Jared Owen

Most speedcubers begin by learning how to solve the puzzle using the simplest method possible and requiring the fewest algorithms to memorize. Algorithms are sequences of turns that are applied in different scenarios depending on the state of your puzzle. Solving the puzzle without timing allows them to learn patterns in the puzzle and get used to turning it.

After a lot of practice they will become very good with the beginner’s method but may want to start timing themselves and improving. This is where algorithms start to play a bigger role. More advanced methods require more algorithms to memorize because there are fewer steps and each algorithm will bring you much closer to a solved state. The goal is to do the fewest number of moves while still maintaining a good turning speed.


As a cuber progresses through these levels, they will learn fingertricks – techniques to turn the cube faster by utilizing more fingers than just the index finger or wrist turning. These fingertricks will allow them to turn faster and more efficiently.