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Faun Roadway Laying a Temporary Aluminum Road


Faun Trackway has come up with a truck that can lay down a temporary road, and then roll it back up once it’s no longer needed. Check out the video below to see the truck in action.The Roadway Kit improves the mobility of vehicles, cranes and other wheeled transportation by rapidly laying a temporary, aluminum access route.

source.image: FAUN Trackway Limited

Thoroughly tried and tested, this modular system is the ideal solution on challenging terrain; including marshland, snow, sand, river fording and verges.Comprising of your Trackway® solution of choice, a deployment system to match your budget, and accessories as standard, traversing difficult environments has never been easier.

Aluminum panels, joined together by a tongue and groove joint, with locking bolts to secure.Designed to be constantly reused, has a long operational life and is recyclable;Withstands ambient temperatures ranging from -40°F to +140°F.Half panels every 16ft 4in (5m) for easy splitting and joining.


Withstands repeated passes of vehicles with a gross weight of up to 330,700Ibs.Supports axle load of up to 39,683Ibs.Available in a width of 15ft.Trackway can deploy even in wet or muddy conditions that would hinder more normal operation. Areas that have been flooded, or experienced mudslides are more accessible with the temporary road created by Trackway.