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Ferox Azaris, A Six Wheeled Off-Road Advanced Vehicle!

Azaris by Feroxcorp is a six wheeled off-road advanced vehicle.Unbound by the traditional nexus between the wheels, drivetrain and chassis – providing exceptional capabilities for extreme terrains.

source/image: feroxcorp

Using Ferox technology, Azaris pushes the boundaries of vehicle design and brings future envisaged transport to life.As our first fully operating prototype, Azaris is just the beginning.There’s nothing else like Azaris in the world.

source/image: feroxcorp

Azaris has four rear in-wheel motors and a sophisticated fluid drive system.The in-wheel motors are light, quiet and highly responsive. They are also more efficient across a broad speed range in contrast to the various categories of traditional hydraulic motors.Each motor is driven by a liquid that is 95 percent water.


Fluid is pumped into ports inside the wheel hub, which pushes on a series of gates tasked with rotating the outer housing of the motor and, in turn, the wheel to which they are attached. A BMW R1200GS motorbike engine powers the pump, which in turns sends water to the wheels as required.

source/image: feroxcorp

The rear wheels of Azaris are fitted with a unique rocker suspension that provides the potential to navigate extreme terrain with greater skill.The rocker structure has internal channeling for the transfer of fluid power to the connected in-wheel motors.via: feroxcorp