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Fight Science’ Finds Out Who Punches Harder – “Bodybuilders Or Skinny Guys”

One question that people often wonder with amazement is can bodybuilders fight? How effective is bodybuilding for real street fighting. Of course, you would expect a bodybuilder to be good at grappling, but what about striking or punching? I guess the question really come down to whether you can punch hard and effectively in a real fight.

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People debate whose better in a real street fight. A bodybuilder or Skinny Guy? Let’s face it big guys look intimidating, but can they generate enough power to punch hard enough to hurt you? Sure, you can be strong, but does that mean you can punch harder and faster than a skinny guy? The answer to this may partly answer the main question: Does having more body mass mean that you will be better off in a real fight?

image/text credit: Fight SCIENCE

Punching hard and fast relies on the ability to generate a large amount of force in a short period of time.To punch hard you have to be able to accelerate your fist from 0 to 100 as fast as possible. But it’s not just the acceleration that is important it’s the weight of your fists.


Think of a heavy mass travelling at high speed, the heavy mass travelling at speed hits with more power. It does more damage.A typical bodybuilder will struggle to generate the same amount of force unless they can enhance their Kinetics Chain.

At an advanced level, to punch hard and fast you need to be able to disassociate the weight of your arm from your fist. Basically, your fist is a dead weight and your arm is the whip.