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First-Ever Video Footage Of Korean Women Enslaved By Japanese Soldiers In WWII

Japan’s enslavement of Korean women during World War Two is one unresolved issue that continues to strain relations between the two countries.This short 18 second video is of seven Korean women se*ually enslaved by the Japanese soldiers in Yunnan province, southwest China, around the end of World War II. It is the first-ever video footage of Korean victims that has been found.(ARIRANG NEWS)

image/text credit: ARIRANG NEWS

In Seoul city  Professor Chung Chin-sung of Seoul National University unveiled the video from 1944,which had been stored in the National Archives and Records Administration of the United States for over 70 years. Previously,footage of Chinese comfort women had been found,but there were only pictures and documents on the Korean comfort women.

But after the professor and his research team were certain that a video on the Korean victims existed, they spent two years searching for the footage,and they finally found what they were looking for amongst hundreds of film reels last month.The footage was taken by an American combat photographer just after the region was reclaimed from Japan by the Chinese.


During World War II, an estimated 200-thousand women, mostly Koreans,were kidnapped and forced to become s*x slaves for Japanese troops. In 2015, Japan financially compensated the victims with one billion yen, or about 8-point-9 million U.S. dollars, thousands of citizens and the surviving victims criticized and refused the deal as Tokyo claimed there was no evidence of the Japanese military forcing the enslavement of women.