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Flight Attendant’s Stunning Totally Custom Tiny House


When you build your own home, that space should be a reflection of you and your character. That’s exactly what Deb has done here.

source.image: Living Big In A Tiny House

This tiny house radiates her style and highlights all the things that are important in her life. This is a bright and beautiful tiny home which is packed full of clever space-saving features.

A cat lover, Deb has wonderfully designed her house to also be the perfect home to her furry family members, including a large catio, cat walks and lots of places for them to lounge around the home.


As a flight attendant, Deb has collected many treasures from her travels over the years, all of which have found pride of place in her lovely new home. This is a small space with some really big style! We hope you enjoy the tour of this charming tiny home!