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Flip90 Truck Camper With 90-Degree Rotatable Extension


Flip 90 pickup cab for Volkswagen Amarok and Transporter 6.1 pickup truck with foldable interior extension with full standing height, also suitable for winter use. Equipment: removable gas-ceramic cooking box, 45 liter cooler, 75 liter fresh water tank, 19 liter waste water tank, shower, bed: 2 x 1.42 m.

source: adventuremagazin /image(PrtSc): icc-offroad 

The flip is rotated electrically in just a few seconds and adds valuable standing height to the basic cabin. The Flip has a living area, kitchen, shower, toilet room and entrance at the same time.

Special features of the Flip90: in off-road mode the pickup has a very low center of gravity, an overall height of less than 2.28 m. In addition, a great angle of departure and with a cabin weight of only approx. 250kg depending on the equipment, the cabin is extremely light.


The Flip90 is not equiped with annoying fabric tent, full insulation and a protected appearance windows are on the inside in driving mode which makes the perfect companion for real off-road use./icc-offroad 

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