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Floating Retro-Futuristic Home Over Lake


Robert Oshatz believes a house should fit the land and its residents, so his homes are all a bit fantastic. His own home seems to defy gravity, floating above a very steep hillside on a lot that was cheap because it was deemed unbuildable.

source.image: Kirsten Dirksen

Perched on a 30° degree incline, his funnel-shaped home soars above a steep drop- looking down on birds and treetops- and resembling a recently-docked spaceship.

Most of his homes have an otherworldly quality because he avoids the conventional box form, choosing instead curvilinear shapes so unorthodox that his work has been compared to everything from Middle Earth shelters to Hans Solo’s Millennium Falcon.


After years of designing single-family residences, he is now building a subdivision of “vertical homes” (like his own) that soar above the trees. The designs are made to work with the land so they don’t require any excavation of the steep hillside nor do they affect rainwater runoff, meaning there should be no erosion nor risk of landslide.