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FluxJet Ultra-High-Speed Passenger Ground Transportation 1000kmh


Announced to the world in July 2022 in Toronto, Canada.A new breakthrough for ultra-high-speed ground transportation, to carry passengers at over 1000 km/h.

source/image(PrtSc): TransPod

Based on groundbreaking innovations in propulsion and fossil-fuel-free clean energy systems, the FluxJet is a fully-electric vehicle that is a hybrid between an aircraft and a train.

Featuring technological leaps in contactless power transmission and a new field of physics called veillance flux, the FluxJet travels in a protected guideway at over 1000 km/h – faster than a jet and three times as fast as a high-speed train.


The FluxJet will operate exclusively on the TransPod Line, a network system with stations in key locations and major cities, featuring high-frequency departures designed to enable fast, affordable, and safe travel./ TransPod