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Folding Mobility Scooter R30, That Folds & Unfolds Just Pressing a Button


Practical and revolutionary, you can fold it and unfold it automatically! All you have to do is press a button to fold it to the size of a trolley and press another button to make it return to a normal scooter ready for use.The DI BLASI scooter mod. R30 ensures a comfortable drive and easy access.

source/image(PrtSc): Di Blasi

It’s easy to drive because all you have to do is activate the switch and press the lever to regulate the speed. You can even use it in narrow spaces because it’s only 62 cm wide. It’s easy to handle because it uses a 58 cm turning circle and is fitted with a reverse gear.

Its wheels have a diameter of 31 cm, making it safe to use even on unpaved roads. It can handle up to 11% gradients and has a travel range of over 20 km.When folded, it measures only 62 x 39 x 48(h) cm, which means that you can store it practically anywhere, in your car boot, on board a plane, in a lift, or in a corner of your home.


It can be equipped with a wide range of accessories: basket, cover, cane holder, footrest extension, etc.It weighs 24.9 kg including the battery. Without the battery (which can be removed or inserted in a second) it weighs 22.1 kg./Di Blasi

VIA Di Blasi
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