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Folding Staircase For Space Saving Living


Klapster is a folding staircase for space saving living. Thanks to its folding mechanism , the staircase can be folded up when not needed . Perfect for attics, mezzanies or tiny houses.

source/image(PrtSc): Klapster

The folding stairway integrates discretely into the wall when not needed, thereby expanding valuable living space. Whether as a useful space saving staircase or as a stylish design piece, ­– the concept of the downsizing staircase accommodates every physical space and creates moments of surprise and delight for guests.

The side elements and steps are made of high-quality multiplex birch which can be ordered optionally with HPL coating.There are no limits to the visual design of the untreated version: Whether colourful steps, printed graphics or sprayed with graffiti, everything is possible! This allows Klapster to be adapted to your own taste and the style of your interior.


Conceptually Klapster is designed in a modular system. This not only allows flexibility in the selection of a perfectly fitting staircase, but also allows uncomplicated and inexpensive dispatch by post – expensive shipping was yesterday!Our Comfort model consists of one step and two adjoining stringer elements, which are designed in such a way that they can be inserted and locked into each other like a puzzle.

When living space is scarce, the logical consequence is to move upwards. By moving into second levels or galleries, space can be used efficiently.Whether in gables, old buildings or garages – it is a good idea to think three-dimensional and use ceiling heights for additional areas such as studios, workrooms or storage space.//klapster

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