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Ford Transit Nugget Active And Trail Camper Van Interior And Exterior


Ford announced that it is expanding the Transit Custom Nugget camper van range with the addition of new Active and Trail models.The distinctive new Nugget Active and Trail campers are designed to support Ford’s most intrepid camper van customers with stylish new looks, enhanced interior specification and materials, and improved capability off the beaten track.

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The new models will be offered in both Nugget and long wheelbase Nugget Plus versions, all featuring a tilt-roof as standard fitment. Dark cladding around the bumpers, body sides and mirrors can help prevent bodywork scuffs from rough-road driving and creates a stylish SUV-inspired appearance, supported by Active-exclusive 17‑inch alloy wheels and a signature mesh grille. A standard 2.6-metre awning offers added protection and shade while enjoying outside space alongside the vehicle.

Nugget Active’s new yacht deck-style pale wood floor gives the living space a bright, luxurious feel and is hard-wearing and easy to clean. Textured satin-finish units, black worktops and aluminium strips continue the sleek, modern look, supported by part-leather trimmed seats with embossed Active graphics, while “tuneable white” LED lighting enables customers to change the warmth or coolness and brightness of the cabin lights to create different moods.


The self-folding tilt roof features window panels to allow plenty of natural light and ventilation into the living area. The weatherproof sides are finished in grey as standard; red or blue are optional to complement a range of exterior colours.Nugget Active and Trail are both fitted with a new colour touchscreen control panel mounted on the rear wardrobe./REC Anything

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