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FORM Solar-Powered Camping Pod For Tesla Cybertruck Futuristic RV


FORM provides the same space as a 170″ sprinter camper van. Detach-and-go capabilities allows you to drive your truck camper-free – meaning your truck won’t depreciate at the same rate as a sprinter camper van.

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Get comfortable with refined living. FORM provides unique spaces that transform your average camper experience.The FORM camper is compatible with most standard pickup truck beds from 5.8 ft, 6.5 ft and 8 ft. That means your F-150, RAM 1500, Chevrolet Silverado and Tesla Cybertruck are compatible.

source/image: formcamper

Once it’s deployed from the bed of the truck, the camper fully expands using an electric actuation system. A hard roof covers all of the space inside the camper.When deployed, the camper would have 71 square feet of floor space inside.


The kitchen area does include a refrigerator/freezer unit along with drawers and cabinets for storage.FORM can fit 189 liters of freshwater with 378-liter usage capacity featuring reverse osmosis,189 liters of greywater, and up to 400-watts of solar energy. A 12V 300 Ah deep cycle battery is also available.

The living space features a full-size bed with storage underneath and a multi-use table and chair. A bathroom is part of the living space.he pod comes equipped with a fan that can control hot and cold air in accordance with the outside temperature. via/read more: formcamper

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