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Fourier’s GR-1 165cm Humanoid Robots


Fourier Intelligence has released a video that showed the impressive assembly and latest dance performance of at least a dozen of its GR-1 humanoids set for customer delivery this year.

source.image: Global Update

Embodied AI combines AI technology with physical robots, providing a controllable, perceptible, interactive, and mobile body. Fourier GR-1 offers scalability for validating various AI models and algorithms, with significant potential in industrial, rehabilitation, home, and research applications.

The GR-1’s strength lies in its robust hip actuators. The powerful 300-Nm hip actuators of the GR-1 enable it to lift an incredible 50 kg , nearly as much as the 1.65-meter tall robot weighs itself at 55 kg, and its able to help a patient get up from a bed, toilet or wheelchair thanks to large, purple handles on its hips.


Advanced functions will eventually include manipulating door knobs, opening and closing doors and drawers, and using tools designed for humans.Whole Body Control Algorithm.44 full-body degrees of freedom,Mechanical Joint Module,The whole body is composed of 40 FSA joints, the maximum module peak torque is 230NM.

Name:Fourier GR 1, Weight: 55kg, Height: 165cm, Pace: 5km/h.