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Free Energy with Boyle’s Flask – Perpetual Water Movement

Perpetual Water Movement – (Boyle’s Flask) — This video is about the perpetual drainage system, Robert Boyle’s invention. Also called Robert Boyle’s Bottle. One of the possibilities for this assembly is to create a Free Energy Generator.

image/text credit : Vida em Silício

A perpetual motion or over-unity device is a device that, barring mechanical breakdown, is capable of running for an arbitrarily long period of time with no outside intervention or energy input.

Such a device has never been built since the concept violates the laws of thermodynamics.Essentially, even in an “ideal” machine with 100% efficiency, it is only possible to get enough power out to power the machine itself and no more.


An advanced form of a perpetual motion machine is a device with an output energy more than the input,known as an electron pump. However, in the real world there will always be some inefficiency to deal with, such as friction and the load of the machine itself, meaning that it is impossible to get even 100% efficiency.