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Fridge Compressor Turned Into A 2 Stroke Engine


I Make Fridge Compressor into 2 stroke Engine,after many tries i made DIY successfully.Its nothing that’s really practical but it does have an acrylic head and case so you get to see the combustion process as it happens in real time.

source/image: Fabricated 5 minutes

Youtuber Fabricated 5 minutes saw the compressor from a fridge and decided that he could make a running, gasoline burning engine out of it. And he did! Watch the video from Fabricated 5 minutes for more info:

Despite the outward similarity between compressors and engines, there are enough crucial differences to make the conversion challenging. A scheme for controlling intake and exhaust had to be implemented, the crankcase needed to be sealed, and a cylinder head with a spark plug needed to be fabricated.


Adding the intake and exhaust valves, camshaft, timing chain, carburetor, and ignition system are still pretty challenging tasks, though. We’re really impressed with the skill needed to bring off a four-stroke engine like this.

VIAFabricated 5 minutes
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