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Fridge on a Train – Man Fined For Trying To Move Refrigerator On Train

A man caught on camera by Queensland Rail attempting to move a fridge on a train recently. Queensland rail urged customers to “book a removalist’ – the video also shows a seperate incident of a man trying to move a couch. Public transport for moving furniture is a bad idea.

image credit: Fox News 

The footage shows a man encountering some difficulty as he wheels a fridge, mounted on a hand trolley, from a rail overpass into an elevator.He then manoeuvrers it onto the Bowen Hills platform and into a waiting train.Queensland Rail issues plea to public not use railway to move large furniture and appliances.

Once down on the platform at Bowen Hills Station, Brisbane, Australia, the man wheels it in between commuters waiting for their trains in bizarre scenes. He then lifts it on to a train when it arrives.But trouble strikes when a transport policeman spots him and issues him a $252 fine (£149).


Queensland Rail posted the video on Facebook complete with a comedic soundtrack.“While it’s not a daily occurrence, these are certainly not the first oversized objects we’ve seen on the network. From lawn mowers and generators to surfboards and life-size mannequins, we’ve seen it all,” a Queensland Rail spokeswoman said.