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From Bus To Beautiful Home Family’s Tiny Living Transformation


Join the Branca Bus as they invite you on a comprehensive tour of their lovingly renovated 1990 Bluebird bus conversion. Transforming a public transport bus into a delightful mobile home, this family showcases the fruits of their creativity and hard work. Kitchen: The heart of their bus is a beautifully lit kitchen, thanks to the preserved original bus windows. It boasts ample counter space for both cooking and hosting. Key features include a compact fridge, a five-burner propane stove, and an expansive sink that also serves as practical storage while traveling.

source.image: Tiny Home Tours

An 80-gallon water tank ensures water availability for several days. Dining Area: Adjacent to the kitchen is a quaint dining area, where they enjoy meals and coffee. This space also cleverly converts into a daybed. The table, handcrafted and painted by the family, adds a unique charm to their meals. Build and Costs: Though they didn’t keep all receipts, Matias and Carola estimate that their entire project, including the bus purchase and conversion materials, cost around $18,000. The bus itself was a bargain at about $3,000.

Living Room: Opposite the kitchen lies the living room, featuring a multifunctional pull-out couch that doubles as a bed for guests. The couch, constructed from recycled memory foam, is a favored spot for the family and their pets. Driver Area and Features: The original driver’s area is transformed with wooden paneling, a shoe cabinet, and the preserved original glove compartment, adding a vintage touch. The hallway sports a creatively repurposed rearview bus mirror, now serving as a full-length mirror.


Bathroom: Despite its compact size, the bathroom is fully equipped with a wall-mounted sink, composting toilet, and a spacious shower with a rainwater shower head, connected to a gray water tank. Master Bedroom: The rear of the bus houses a queen-size bed with ample under-bed storage. A window AC unit and a unique side door enhance comfort and ventilation.