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Fuel From Water Wet Cell VS Dry Cell Hydrogen Generator HHO


In this video I do exactly what I promised you, the dry cell hydrogen generator versus the wet cell hydrogen generator. I will test the production of hho with a new instrument for measuring liters per Minute (l / min), And I will measure the amps consumed.We made an identical electrolyte mixture for the two hydrogen generators to make the exact difference between them.

source/image(PrtSc): Inventive – Water fuel

For the electrolysis of water I used distilled water and potassium hydroxide and as an electricity I used a 12V battery. The generators Know them from the past videos, were presented step by step how they were built. They consist of 9 316L stainless steel plates with a thickness of 1 mm and a diameter of 60 mm.

I was surprised to see that the dry cell produces 1 L / min (one liter per minute). I was surprised because it is a very small cell with only two elements connected to electricity at positive and 1 at negative. I got a nice electrolysis so to speak.


I think this putty can be easily used for a small scooter, a small motorcycle or a small motor bike.With these small generators we can get free hydrogen from solar panels that produce solar energy. Free energy, free electricity. Hydrogen free, Fuel free.//Inventive – Water fuel