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Full DIY Van BUILD Start To Finish Van Life Conversion


See our DIY camper van conversion from start to finish! We converted a used 2015 Ford Transit with a high roof and 148″ wheelbase.

source/image(PrtSc): Exploring Alternatives

We used all natural materials and non-toxic materials like hemp insulation, cork flooring, low VOC paint and varnish, and a lot more!

We wanted our van to be as comfortable and functional as possible so there’s a bed that transforms into a couch and dinette, a bathroom with a privacy wall, loads of accessible storage, and more!


We hope you enjoy seeing behind the scenes of our off-grid tiny house on wheels being built. It was a lot of work! Please keep in mind that we’re not professional builders and we experimented with this build quite a bit. Definitely do your own research before building your own van!

VIA Exploring Alternatives
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