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Full Metal Turbofan Engine Aircraft Jet Engine Model


The turbofan engine is considered the gem on the crown of industrial manufacturing, requiring world-class challenges no matter in engineering design, high-temperature material production, processing techniques and precision, assembly processes, safety, fuel efficiency, thrust efficiency, etc. This 1/10 model faithfully restores the structure and principles of aerospace turbofan engines, widely used in civilian aircraft models, unraveling the mysteries of the most complex industrial mechanical models.

source.image: kota scale model

The lifelike & visually stunning model provides a realistic depiction of a full-sized engine with main components including a first-stage fan, two-stage low-pressure compressor, four-stage high-pressure compressor, first-stage high-pressure turbine, and two-stage low-pressure turbine.

Made of high-quality metal, the meticulous model, full of detail and features, undergoes precision casting and CNC machining, along with sandblasting and anodized coloring treatment on the surface, ensuring durability and accuracy the same as the real model.


The hollowed-out engine case allows the operation of a real engine through motor-driven functionality to be fully visible. Equipped with a fixed bracket, throttle lever, and engine sound module, providing a more realistic and engaging experience, immersing you in the fascinating industrial machinery world.As an educational tool, this model unravels the internal workings of a turbofan engine, imparts knowledge about aerospace engineering, and stimulates interest, creativity, and awe for industrial technological achievements, enhancing parent-child interaction and communication. Scale: 1/10.Model Length: 380mm.Fan Diameter: 165mm.Number of Parts: 1000+PCS (Components: 400+PCS, Screws & Nuts: 600+PCS).Drive System: Motor-driven. Battery: 3.7V 800mAh Lithium Battery. Power Charging Cable: DC 5V USB Cable. Charging Time: 3 hours.