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Full Test Drive Of The All New Volvo FH 2021 Truck


Volvo Trucks has launched the new Volvo FH featuring a re-imagined cab, innovative safety features and a driver focused working environment. A key aim of the new design is to give the driver a more productive, safe and comfortable life on the road.Cabs: Low sleeper cab, Sleeper cab, Globetrotter cab, Globetrotter XL and Globetrotter XXL. Exterior and interior trim packages for individual design.

source/image(PrtSc): REC Anything

Engines: Diesel engines are available with different emissions standards. Volvo FH is also available with Euro 6, Step D compliant gas-powered LNG engine in selected markets.This is a full test drive of the all new Volvo FH 2021 truck. Watch the video from REC Anything for more info:

Volvo FH with I-Save for Euro 6 is available in selected markets.Gear changing system: I-Shift / I-Shift Dual Clutch with software packages for different areas of application.


The new Volvo FH is the world’s first heavy duty truck with adaptive high beam headlights. The system improves safety for all road users by automatically disabling selected segments of the LED high beam when the truck approaches oncoming traffic or another vehicle from behind.

VIA REC Anything