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Fully Functional Tiny Home On Wheels Van Life


Brad’s camper van features a convenient and efficient kitchen setup. With an induction stove for quick cooking and a backup butane stove, preparing meals is a breeze. The kitchen boasts beautiful wooden countertops and a spacious sink perfect for Brad’s cooking adventures. Despite his dislike for washing dishes, the ample water storage has made his 10-day journey comfortable and convenient. Up above, storage spaces house essentials like a French press for his crucial morning coffee. Below, a cleverly designed flip-up countertop provides the much-needed extra space for food preparation.

source.image: Tiny Home Tours

In the living area, Brad finds comfort on an L-shaped couch with hidden storage – perfect for keeping his computer equipment and dirty clothes. One of the highlights is the multifunctional door that doubles as a window, offering stunning views and fresh air. The camper also includes a dining table that’s easy to set up for meals or work. The electrical system, including a 450 amp hour lithium battery, ensures all devices stay charged and functional.

Brad appreciates the practical aspects of the van, like the compact yet functional toilet and the efficient hot water heater, crucial for comfortable living on the road. With New Zealand’s self-contained vehicle regulations in mind, the camper is fully equipped to respect and preserve the natural beauty of the country.


The bedroom area of the camper features a comfy, full queen-sized bed, with windows on both sides for ventilation and natural light. Despite limited space, the bed provides a cozy sleeping spot, enhanced by twinkle lights for a magical nighttime ambiance.Brad, a photographer and videographer for Tiny Home Tours, shares his passion for capturing the essence of tiny living and the beauty of New Zealand. His work is not just a job but a journey of discovery, fueled by his love for photography./Tiny Home Tours