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Funter Off-Road SUV Vehicle Prototype


Let me tell you about “Funter.” Imagine hopping on a quick two-hour flight to Poland, where they’ve cooked up an amazing off-road vehicle. This bad boy has made appearances at top-notch defense expos like Misbo and Pro Defense. A team of engineers from Poland have decided to take things a bit further with a vehicle they’re calling the FUNTER.

source.image: Xubii Tech

They’ve found that the best way to tighten up a steering circle is by allowing all four wheels to do the steering.Each axle of the FUNTER can turn independently of the other.It also appears this beast has plenty of suspension travel and a healthy set of wheels and tires. This should allow it to basically go wherever it wants. We don’t know what it’s based on or what provides the power under the hood.

The Funter can be loaded with up to 8 tons, can pull a 10-ton trailer , can be better armored than currently used armored personnel carriers, can both swim and drive on the bottom fully submerged, and with an optional Terrain Plug-in Hybrid drive(link is external)it could move silently over a distance of 100 km or for 30 minutes, and in difficult terrain.


The Funter has a ground clearance of at least 60 cm both under the entire chassis and under the wishbones, so such snow does not make any impression on it – it is able to drive with 100 cm of snow on the road and push through even 2-meter snowdrifts thanks to its high mass and very high ground clearance.