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Future of Recreational Flight Jetson Electric VTOL


Sweden-based startup Jetson has developed a personal electric aerial vehicle available that will be available to everyone. Excited to share more footage from our ongoing flight testing with Jetson ONE pre-production electric aircraft.

source/image(PrtSc): Jetson

We are very happy with the results and data gathered for the past few months. It was not always an easy and smooth ride but in return it is also allowing us to progress quickly with manned flight testing.

The Jetson Electric VTOL single passenger vessel consists of an all-aluminum airframe chassis that houses a high discharge Lithium-Ion battery capable of a max output of 88 kW.


At 86 kg , the Jetson ONE is also collapsible to 90 cm.The operator uses a throttle lever, a joystick and pedals to control the aircraft’s movements.The Jetson is a straight-up drone-style multicopter, with eight props mounted coaxially on four arms, putting out a total peak of 88 kW.

The floght time is about 20 minutes. Because it’s an ultralight, no certificate is required. The Jetson has eight motors and rotors and can fly with one motor out. If things get more serious than that, a ballistic parachute is standard equipment. price is not cheap since this vehicle costs around $92,000.

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