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Futuristic Concept Travel Trailer By Airstream And Porsche


Drawing on signature design elements from two iconic brands, the concept incorporates innovative features and amenities in a sleek, lightweight profile aimed at meeting the expectations of a new generation of outdoor enthusiasts.

source/image(PrtSc): airstream

The concept is the first “garageable” Airstream design in the company’s 90-year history. An automatic suspension in the chassis allows the trailer’s body to lower, enabling storage in most home garages.

source/image(PrtSc): airstream

The concept design features advances in aerodynamics, including a new rear shape that sheds air while in motion and a flush underside without drag-creating projections.


The use of carbon fiber in some components reduces the concept’s weight, making it ideal for smaller internal combustion engine (ICE) tow vehicles and electric vehicles (EVs).

The trailer incorporates a pop-top roof, so it doesn’t have to be as tall when not in use. The initial plans considered 12-foot and 14-foot trailers to get the smallest, lightest trailer possible. The trailer does include a full wet bath, a versatile dining area that can be converted to lounge space and full-size sleeping quarters.

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