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Futuristic Propelled Pothole Repair Concept Truck


The futuristic unit, designed by Istanbul-based Dahir Insaat, fixes potholes in minutes. The machine itself looks like an elongated garbage truck, without the crushing mechanism on the back – that’s where the business end of this little number is, for different tools that can be swapped out.

source/image(PrtSc): Dahir Insaat

First, the machine starts out using a mill head that mills out around the pothole in a circular, or rectangular shape.It then mills out the interior turning the asphalt into small pieces. Once the task is complete, the drilled-out asphalt is removed by vacuum.

After the machine vacuums out the debris, it removes a special mixture is dropped into the milled hole for the final step.The machine then selects the correct size plug to fill the hole.


This plug is made up of a high-quality granite and tar, and is chilled so that once it heats up it expands and keeps the edges as strong as possible. Strong edges are crucial to the process: They prevent the plug from imploding, creating another pothole.The entire process takes anywhere from 2-5 minutes./Dahir Insaat