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Gasoline Motorcycle Convertet Into a Motorcycle That Runs on Water


There have already been several inventors who have built engines capable of extracting fuel from water and using this fuel for their operation, but they have all died mysteriously or have been silenced. The large companies that control the world try to hide these inventions and make people believe that this technology does not exist.

source.image: Hidden Technology

But we have replicated this technology and implemented it on this motorcycle to demonstrate that it is possible to obtain fuel from water.In one of our previous videos we modified a motorcycle to run on water. To make this possible, we incorporated highly efficient electrolysis equipment in the rear that was capable of breaking down water molecules into Hydrogen + Oxygen.

Thanks to these components our motorcycle could run without gasoline.We have now incorporated this electrolysis equipment inside the fuel tank and added some safety measures. In this way our motorcycle is much more aesthetically beautiful and can travel more than 1000 km with a single water refill.


When the switch of the electrolysis equipment is activated, the water begins to decompose and we obtain a gaseous mixture of hydrogen and oxygen that passes to the bubbler tank and is compressed to a pressure of 3.2 Bar. At that moment we have enough pressure for the bike to start. When the motorcycle runs at low rpm, the excess gas generated is expelled to the outside through a pressure relief valve that is installed in the bubble tank.

And when the motorcycle runs at high revolutions per minute, all the gas that is generated in the electrolysis equipment is consumed by the motorcycle’s engine. In this way the motorcycle engine always has the correct amount of fuel. Thanks to the HH+ compound, the hydrogen generator generates large amounts of hydrogen using very little electrical energy. This means that the motorcycle battery will never run out because as long as the motorcycle is running, the battery will continue to charge automatically and we will have fuel as long as we have water in the electrolysis equipment tank.//Hidden Technology