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GAZ-3409 – Luxurious Amphibious All Terrain Tracked Vehicle

GAZ-3409 Bobr is a tailor-made offering the customer safety and comfort. A wide range of options and attachments considerably expands their area of application. Ergonomic driver compartment with engaging interior design can be made of the most advanced materials.

image credit: rm-terex

Climate control system and additional noise insulation create comfortable environment inside the vehicle. Cold storage for food is available.

image credit: rm-terex

The customers may choose any multimedia system with a touch-screen display. Rear view camera and LED running lights are indispensable when driving at night.


GAZ-34039 is a versatile vehicle built for the toughest road conditions and climates to carry people and cargo across country even in the Far North, Siberia and Far East regions.

The vehicles are designed for outdoor storage and operation in temperatures ranging from -50°С to +50°С in various road and climatic conditions and on any surface with a low load-bearing capacity – on snow, in sand, swamps and marshes – as well as for crossing water. Waterborne propulsion is provided by the tracks.