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‘Genius’ Mechanic Makes Custom Motorcycle Engines

This is the story of a guy from India who used to tinker with Royal Enfields in his native country, then moved to the United States in 1999 where he takes a job as a teacher in industrial design at an Art and Design College.

In 2003 he imports an old Enfield engine and begins to fantasize on building his own engine using only standard Enfield parts and keeping it as simple as the original Bullet engine is.On weekends, he starts building patterns, then ends up quitting his job to fully dedicate himself to his V-Twin project.

Took him one year to learn machining, then two years more of design development, detail refinement before painstakingly fabricating all the new casting patterns.


After doing a 700 cc version, he went to a bigger size and completed the first 998cc Musket V-Twin in December 2012.