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Ghost Stories Are No Match for This Paranormal Investigator

For the past two decades, Joe Nickell—a former stage magician and detective—has used hard science to challenge paranormal experiences and other fringe pseudo-scientific claims.

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UFO sightings, aliens, ghosts, Bigfoot, lake monsters: these are but a few of the myths that Nickell debunks for a living. As he knows all too well, “the truth … is out there.”In contrast to many paranormal proponants who are little more than mystery mongerers, or to some skeptics who call themselves “debunkers,”

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I hold that mysteries should neither be fostered nor dismissed. Instead, they should be carefully investigated with a view toward solving them.


I have spent my life trying to do just that — whether the mysteries were paranormal or historical or forensic or literary or whatever their nature.

From the top, I am examining a statue reputed to have heartbeats, studying “miraculous” rose petals, visiting a “haunted” house (in caricature), investigating crop circles, making a fake UFO (for a demonstration photo), and inspecting a weeping icon.