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Giant 3.30m Long RC F-100 Super Sabre Turbine Powered Airplane


The North American F-100F Super Sabre is the doubleseater version of one of the most produced Military-Jets in the History of the USA.Tomahawk Aviation use this sample to design a unique scale-model , the model is manufactured in a small work-shop piece by piece in single production.

source/image(PrtSc): RC MEDIA WORLD

The F-100F has a sandwich-composite contruction and is reinforced by carbon-fibre in all important sections. With this construction we were able to have a light and durable airframe which can be built under 25Kg flying weight even in this size.

The composite parts are silver painted in the mould , some of the features are working slats and speedbrakes , as well as full ducting from nose to engine . Like all Tomahawk Scale-Jets , the model is manufactured at very high level quality standard and all details are like the original plane.


The basic kit includes already the linkage-set for the rudders , linkage set for gear-doors, gear-door covers , linkage system for elevator and canopy lock. The RC airplane has a length of 3.3, a wingspan of 2.55m and is powered by a Turbine JetCat P220 RXi engine. The take-off weight of the airplane is 19.2kg. Pilot: Marc Petrak