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Giant Futuristic “Tesla Tower” In Abandoned Woods Near Moscow – Abandoned Marx Generator

The Tesla Tower is an invention, made by Tesla which has the ability to harness enormous amount of electricity, all from the strike of lightening.Is is thought that the amount of electricity created in the moment when the lightning strikes the tower is enough to power the whole of Russia, equalling the amount that is produced by all of the power stations in the country put together.

 image/text credit: TDHster

If that seems scary, it is, and it is one of the reasons this invention has been back-shelved – people are genuinely scared of the power that it holds.The basis of the complex is: a cascade of 3 million volts transformers with a switching attachment.

image/text credit: TDHster

The generator of impulse voltages (GIN) of 9 million volts With the help of this generator a spark discharge with a length of 150 meters was obtained. In fact, the Marx generator belongs to the High-Voltage Research Center.


Universal complex for testing and research of equipment objects for resistance to pulsed electromagnetic fields of natural and artificial origin. Lightning, in short.The new version in Russia has been built near to Moscow and is named the ‘High Voltage Marx and Tesla Generators Research Facility’.

When it is powered up and working, it is able to produce enough electricity to power the whole of Russia, but only for a few micro-seconds.Researchers are still struggling with translating the immense amount of power that they can create into a method with more longevity, once they do this then free electricity is a real possibility.