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Giant Rc 1/5 Scale Avro Vulcan Xh558 Martin Bomber

Another brilliant flight of vulcan xh 558 at raf elvington on sat, dave allowed dean and i to fit five mobius hd cameras to her for some brilliant airborne footage,the gentleman in the white shirt and black tie is none other than martin withers dfc who piloted vulcan 607 on the famous black buck raid on port stanley during the falkland islands war of 1982!

source/image: tbobborap1

The vulcan is 1/5 th scale with a wing span of just over 20 ft and weighs around 139 kg / 300 ilbs,she has over 100 sq ft of wing area with a wing loading of 3ilb / square foot – similar to a large glider.

She is powered by four jetsmunt 160 gas turbines which produce 155 ilbs of thrust combined and carries 20 kg of fuel to feed them!She also has around 8 kg of lead ballast onboard to balance her correctly.


The weight of all three undercarriages alone comes to 25 kg,in the 2013 season she logged 40 flights,she is capable of flying up to 120 mph !At took dave and his team over three years to design and build the model!