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Gigantic A-380 Singapore Airlines Remote-Control Model

It may look and even sound like the real thing, but this Airbus A380 is actually a scaled-down model of the jumbo airliner and is flown using a handheld remote control.A video has appeared online that shows the plane being flown at an air show and hobbyist event in Germany.

The remote-controlled plane has an 18-foot wingspan, weighs 150lbs and is powered by four jet turbines.During the video, the pilot is shown taxiing the model Airbus A380 – with the logo of Singapore Airlines printed on the side – around a field and onto a runway.

The plane takes off, flies above a cheering crowd for almost five minutes before coming down to land using its tailwheel-type landing gear.


With its 18-foot wingspan, the remote-controlled model is 14 times smaller than the full-sized Airbus A380.This plane has definitely resonated with aviation fans. As of this writing, the YouTube video showing its flight has been viewed more than 31 million times.