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GITAI G1 Space Dedicated General-Purpose Robot In Action

GITAI’s G1 is the space dedicated general-purpose robot. G1 robot will enable automation of various tasks internally & externally on space stations and for lunar base development.

source/image(PrtSc): GITAI Inc.

GITAI’s G1 is a space station robot with two arms to handle all kinds of tools and objects. It has cameras for streaming high resolution and wide FOV video. The G1 features omni-directional sensing and has 8 DOF in each arm.

By combining autonomous control via AI and teleoperations via the specially designed GITAI manipulation system “H1”, GITAI G1 on its own, possesses the capability to conduct generous-purpose tasks (manipulation of switches, tools, soft objects; conducting science experiments and assembly; high-load operations; etc.) that were considered to be extremely difficult for robots to do.


Some Technical Strengths:Ultra low latency streaming of high resolution & wide FOV video,High power actuation system for high-speed & torque motions and elastic response to external force,Dual-arm manipulation,Realtime logging & diagnostics framework for high-reliability,Redundant joint axis configuration for broad reachability.//via/read more: gitai.tech