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GoPro Camera Captures What It’s Like To Be Devoured By a Shark!


This terrifying experience of being devoured by a shark has been captured on camera after one of the sharks attacked a GoPro camera.The chilling film, shot by Raymond Pascoe, he had the camera underwater during a fishing trip off Queensland, Australia, when the day’s catch was being filleted and the leftovers thrown overboard.

image/text credit: Raymond Pascoe

Whilst filming feeding Lemon Sharks with our 5 day old GoPro, the Bull Sharks and a few Bronze Whalers decided it was time to stop being down deep and get in on the “free lunch” action. One excited Bull Shark snatched the GoPro mounted on a UK-PRO pole from my hand, thankfully breaking the wrist strap.

The GoPro wasn’t the correct flavour as the Bull Shark let it let go after a few chews, and the pole floated to the surface for me…….along with the still recording footage.The 47-year-old had his camera on the end of a pole, which was fastened to his hand by a strap, but they were no match for the bull shark.


In the footage, the GoPro is swarmed by sharks when one peels off and grabs it in its jaws, chewing the device up before spitting it back out again.It meant the camera floated back to the surface – and despite some gouges from the shark’s teeth, it was in good working order.via(mirror)